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Our environmental policy

AS Tallinn Airport GH is responsible and environmentally conscious ground handling company. One of our aims is to raise environmental awareness amongst our employees, stakeholders and therefore also support the environmentally conscious way of thinking outside our company.

Aviation inherently is not an environmentally friendly field of activity but as a responsible ground handling company we recognize the influences and environmental impacts of our activities and are highly committed to ensure ongoing reduction of our environmental impacts therefore contribute to the sustainable development in the ground handling industry in Estonia.

Tallinn Airport GH objectives and commitments:

  • To ensure full legal compliance in all aspects of the company’s activities. We have a sustainable system in place to monitor the legislative changes that might affect our operations.
  • To reduce the environmental impacts – we assess, manage, monitor and review all of the organizations’ environmental aspects, impacts and risks on a daily basis. We adapt our objectives and environmental targets in order to continually improve our environmental performance. We encourage innovative and environmentally friendly initiatives to reduce environmental impact through changes or improvements to our business operations.
  • Environmental awareness – a true value to promote and facilitate environmentally responsible culture. Our aim is to engage and communicate the environmental objectives and commitments to our staff and stakeholders.
  • Waste reduction, recycling – we are developing internal waste sorting system, favor reuse and finding ways to recycle most of the generated wastes.
  • Efficient use of resources – by enhancing environmental awareness and introducing new technological solutions we are increasing efficiency in resource use.

AS Tallinn Airport GH has a centralized quality and environmental management system with the parent company. The group’s environmental activities and goals can be found here.

AS Tallinn Airport GH has been issued certificates: