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Route development

The mission of Tallinn Airport’s route development team is to connect Estonia with the world and our team is passionate about it. Our aviation marketing team will help to make sure everyone in Estonia hears and talks about your new route.

We love crazy, outside-the-box ideas. Whether you’re opening a new route or want more publicity for an existing one, let’s get together and bring your ideas to life!

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Eero Pärgmäe

Member of the Management Board of Tallinn Airport AS

Kristel Saulepp

Network Development Leading Specialist

Helena Ilves

Customer Relations Manager

Airport charges and incentives

Tallinn Airport operates 5 airports (Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Kuressaare, Kärdla) and 2 airfields (Kihnu, Ruhnu) in Estonia. Airport charges applied at these airports are listed in the Conditions of Use as well as in AIP Estonia. Both the types and amounts of charges may vary depending on the airport. 

Starting from May 10, 2023 Tallinn Airport charges are as follows:

  • Passenger charge will be 10,50 euros per departing passenger.   
  • Landing charge will be 7,50 euros per ton of MTOW.  
  • Passengers with disabilities (PWD) charge will be 0,30 euros per departing passenger. 

Detailed information about applicable airport charges is available in Tallinn Airport Conditions of Use.

Information updated 29.02.2024

Incentives for scheduled traffic

  • Joint events with airlines
  • Marketing campaigns to celebrate special occasions and new routes
  • PR support
  • Close cooperation with local tourism authorities

Please contact airline network development department for more information: airlinerelations[at]

Estonian Regional Airports

Why Tallinn? There are many good reasons to start flying to Tallinn Airport (TLL). Listed here is just a fraction of them, but we hope to introduce more to you and discuss your next route in the very near future.

Tallinn Airport (TLL) is an efficient and cosy airport located just 4 km from the city centre and handling over 3 million passengers a year. It is the primary airport used for visiting Estonia to experience its history, innovativeness and diversity.

Tallinn is increasingly attractive as a tourist destination with medieval heritage and a high-tech location known for its e-services, start-ups and ease of doing business. This creates a good business/leisure split for existing as well as potential new air services to/from Tallinn.

  • Total package – unique tourism destination with a reliable and vibrant business environment
  • Excellent location
    • Geographically
    • Just 4 km from the city centre
  • Caters both for low cost and traditional carriers
  • 45% of our passengers travel for business
  • Non slot-coordinated airport
  • Competitive pricing, attractive incentives and active marketing cooperation
  • No security fee
  • Sparse competition – many key destinations and hubs still unserved
  • High stimulation factors on routes started from TLL
  • Smooth cruise ships turnarounds (Tallinn Port is only 5 km from the airport)
  • Proximity to the modern Ülemiste business district with more than 300 innovative enterprises and 6000 employees, all just 500 metres from the airport

To learn more about the potential of Estonia, make sure to check out the Visit Estonia web page.